Read Github Guide

After joining OpenMind courses, I touched Git and Github, it’s difficult for a girl who didn’t touch code before. As used it more often, i became to use to it, I try to use it to be my knowledge management system, yet haven’t read the official document named Github guide.

I decide to read it and try to understand what it is. in addition, I can learn English, write the new word here. Not just word, but to sentence or paragrah. As Yangzhiping sir said, when you use it, you get it.

Github guide not just include Github, also have Github pages and others, but first is Github flow. how does Github work?

Branch is the core concept word of Git, it’s powerful for creation. When you have new idea or feature, you want to write them down and try it, but you are afraid that may destroy the functions, and afraid interrupt them run.

when you create a branch in you project, you are creating a environment where you can try out new ideas. that can be merge to master only it reviewed by someone you collaberating with, you can merge it to master. Anything in master branch is deployable.

so, it’s extremely important that your new branch is created off of master when working on a feature or a fix.

Git is a version control tool, it saved every change, git every change a code, you can go to any change. Your mind is free, no need to worry about lost anything.