Wake up to programing 早起编程

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Since I start to work exchange in the hostel I lived in, I wake up at 6:30. This breakfast, Hiloumi, who is a Japanese girl have the same work in hostel with me, my roommate, ask me why wake up so early, and what i’m doing after that.

I tell her , after wake up, I do half an hour sport, and two hours to learn programing, then start woking with her. She is surprised, and ask me more questions.

Program is complicated, is that hard to learn?

It’s not. Since the program language is more and more similar with nature language, like English, is easy to understand.

Things is, if you don’t think it’s hard, it will be easy. Before you tell yourself it’s hard to stop trying, just think you can do it. Then to try.

This remind me: I told my coach(not formal, but a friend) I couldn’t learn drive as quickly as him. He said why, we both human being. What he can do will be same as I. He is right, then i don’t avoid about driving, but try more.

Also, I have good teachers and fellows to learn it together from Openmind and DebugUself.

You are a lawyer, why you programing?

I have lawyer license. But if I want to be a lawyer, I can just be divorce lawyer, since my eight court working experience is about that kind of case. It just the reason i quit that job. I don’t like think too much about families and emotional things. But if I’m a lawyer, I couldn’t stop people talking, I’m not judge , I have to serve my clients, and listen.

So I’m thinking about it, I want to change to another kind of lawyer, deal with Intellectual property cases. I have master degree of that.
Just have law knowledge can’t be good to be a Intellectual property lawyer. It needs more technology knowledge, and learning new knowledge fast. I choose programing.

What’s more, Programing is career with freedom, you can do it all over the world, just take you computer, like chef take their knifes.

自从在旅馆换宿以后, 每天早上六点半就起床了. 室友 Hiloumi 是个日本女孩, 跟我一起换宿. 她好奇我每天起这么早都做什么. 我告诉她起床后半个小时做运动, 让自己暖和起来, 之后是一个半到两个小时的编程. 她还蛮吃惊的, 问了我更多问题.

编程不是很复杂么, 是不是很难学?

编程不难, 跟我们之前的认识已经不一样了, 编程一直在发展, 程序语言已经越来越接近自然语言, 比如英语. 并不难学.

另外不要轻易的认为一件事很难就不去碰它. 这样会限制自己不去尝试. 我跟教我在新西兰开车的朋友说, 我不可能像他学的那么快. 他说为什么, 大家都是人, 我能做到的你也可以做到, 不要给自己找借口. 你要是不能快速的学会开车, 是很危险的, 你知道每年有多少中国游客在新西兰引发车祸么? 我深吸口气, 告诉他我知道自己现在看车很烂, 但我愿意认真练习, 直到练好它.

其他的事情也都差不多吧. 多点勇气.

另外, 在开智, 我有很好的导师和同侪, 学习是一件很有乐趣的事情.

你是个律师, 为什么还要编程?

根据我过去在法院的工作经验, 如果辞职后立刻做律师, 大概只能做离婚律师, 因为过去接触的都是这方面的案子. 但这恰恰是我辞职的理由, 我不喜欢接触太多的家长里短和情感纠结. 如果我是法官, 还可以恰当的阻止他们继续述说与法律无甚关系的事实. 可一旦做了律师, 他们变成我的客户, 倾听将成为服务的一部分.

不做离婚律师的话, 还有什么选择呢? 我希望可以向知识产权方向努力. 硕士学位也是这个. 不过知识产权律师只懂法律是不行的, 需要在某方面的技术上也懂很多, 而且可以快速的学习新事物.

所以我开始自学, 编程是个很好的自学开始. 另外, 程序员或许是最自由的职业了, 你可以在世界各地编程, 带着你的电脑就可以了, 就好像厨师带着他们的刀.