boxing 参加拳击俱乐部

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Last Friday I had my first boxing course in NZ. It’s so much fun, I feel full of energy in my body. I couldn’t imaging that I can do so many times of core exercises before. Since I graduated from middle school, I needn’t to pass physical exam, then I never jump rolls so much until now.

I feel very good at boxing, after a week boxing, I feel my figure is better than ever. Losing weight of 4 kilos(a whole month). And sports become easy and easy.

I pay gym for a three months boxing courses, and I can exercise for an hour in the noon from Monday to Friday. It just cost 4 NZ dollars, if in China, it will cost 60 NZ dollars. What’s more the coach here is full of passion and experiment.

There are cute girls and elegant ladies boxing here, I’m very glad to get touch with them. It a little hard to do that in the past, because I haven’t got local work, then have no chance to know them. I work exchange in backpackers for accommodation, there are all foreigners like me, although they are very nice, I got friends there, I want to know locals’ life style too.

Since I start living in Dunedin, I wake up at 6:30, do 20 minutes sport every morning, and 60 minutes boxing every noon. Maybe later I can add more time for sport.

What is your favorite sport? Tell me.

上周五开始拳击课, 之前在国内有陆续上过三个月的散打, 不过都是一周两次, 后来也因为场地和费用的原因暂停了, 接下来是在北京没怎么运动的四个月, 体重涨了10斤, 不忍猝睹.

来新西兰之前听说, 到这里都会胖20斤左右, 刘欣就说, 你要是胖了20斤, 就不要回来了, 直接在当地找个胖子嫁了吧. 我也深自警醒, 绝对不可以再胖.

到但尼丁, 坚持每天早起做 keep 20分钟, 换宿和兼职确定以后, 短期也不想换地方, 路上还看过女生拳击俱乐部的广告, 因此就想坚持拳击课, 而且做好了无论多贵都要去上的准备. 去了解了才知道, 特别特别地便宜, 一个小时只需要人民币20元, 国内要300元. 在这里练真是赚到了.

不仅便宜, 还有专业热情的教练, 优雅活泼的女学员, 互相鼓励, 自己做不到的动作在这里也可以做到. 会跳绳, 短跑, 核心肌肉训练, 四肢肌肉训练, 灵活性训练, 拳法, 步法, 打沙袋, 打教练的靶,等等. 每天一个小时, 周一到周五.

每天早上, 闹钟响之前, 我会摸摸自己的小肚子和侧面渐渐紧实的肌肉, 爬起来穿衣服去锻炼. 来这边一个月, 瘦了8斤. 当然也跟饮食有关系, 下次专门说饮食.

一起上课的女生有的练了一年, 有的练了两年, 身材都很棒, 有维密腿, 或许因为饮食的原因, 有点小肚腩, 仍旧很性感. 我拳击完会让自己多做十分钟的全身拉伸, 这样肌肉线头不会那么突兀. 师姐们一拳出去, 砰砰有力, 光听声音都很可怕, 被打到头估计会重伤. 对我却和蔼可亲, 不介意我新来拿靶不好, 只说你只要坚持训练, 时间久了自然可以做到一样.

这句话也送给大家, 有什么做不下去的事情, 找到小伙伴一起互相鼓励, 练下去呗.