Meals 吃了么

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Three days later I will be in Dunedin three months, these days I feel more and more comfortable here, and want to get a regular daily life here. Last blog I talked about accommodation, this time I will just talk about meals.

I cook most of the time.

First, I go to a supermarket for a whole week’s food. There are several kinds of supermarket systems. I prefer Pak’n save , the most cheapest one in NZ. Not everyone knows about it, if you are passengers here, you may not, unless you have local friends and they talk to you about that. Some other prefers Countdown. It’s easy to arrive, and not expensive compared with New World. You can also use member card points to get petrol discounts. New World supermarket is located in city centre, nearby a shopping mall(not as big as you imagined), so it’s like Teste or Ole’s in Guangzhou. I went there once just for curious, all goods’ price are 50% presents more than Pak’n save’s. While you can parking there free for 15 minutes, and it nearby Uni mart, the biggest Asian supermarket in Dunedin, I bought Korea cold noddle there. You can buy almost every kind of sources, staple food and snack of Asian style. I only went there once. There is a smaller one nearby my hostel, it’s more convenient for me. Mad butcher is a special market of meat product. Sometimes is cheaper than Pak’n save’s . You can purchase Dumpling wrapper there, not just from Uni mart.

Foods here are healthy, you can see them live outside of your car window, it’s a joke, once I saw a sheep, I say a word without thinking ‘look, lamb!’. So whatever the way you cook, it won’t be awful. But I’m Chinese, we can cook thousand different kinds of foods. I have learned a lot of cooking since childhood, from eating delicious food. I think my cooking is more delicious than most of restaurants here by my own and some friends’ opinions. I cooked a big meal once a week for my friends living in the same hostel.

So you needn’t go to a restaurant but just go to a supermarket to buy foods and cook yourself. It’s enough for meals. Sometimes I still go to a restaurant with friends, for special reason, like someone will leave soon. This Tuesday we went to a Mexico restaurant for Jag. Hope her a nice trip.

Every house and hostel here has kitchen, so, enjoy cooking by yourself.

食材甜美新鲜, 烹饪方法便不那么重要. 或许这是但尼丁人不需要那么频繁去餐厅的原因?

我在但尼丁不怎么去餐厅, 自己做饭居多. 一周去一次超市, 买足一周的食材, 和风一口牛肉, 萝卜炖牛腩, 土豆烧牛肉, 葱爆牛柳, 咖喱鸡, 台式软炸鸡柳, 红烧肉, 小羊排, 炖羊肉, 各种馅的饺子, 挨排一溜做下去, 每周一次我做饭给大家吃, 食物还没有重样过.

这边超市有几大类, 想最便宜还是pak’n save, 是本地朋友告诉我的. 其他如会员卡积分可以加油啦, 专门的肉类超市啦, 能买到冷面的亚洲超市啦, 各种不一而足, 详见上面的英文. 我的英文水平或许只能做到叙事和说明文, 比如详细介绍但尼丁的超市. 但是中文水平应该不止说明文. 还应该传递些些感情, 对吧.

伴随着吃, 其实也一直在传播文化啦. 上次做中餐, 有人问我, 春卷是只有春天才吃的嘛? 我就解释说, 这里的 春, 是薄薄的意思哦. 因为春卷外面是用春饼包的. 而春饼是很薄的饼. 春天, 一切事物还没有长厚, 就是薄薄的一层. 所以春, 有薄薄的意思. 并将脑中第一首诗\< 春晓> 背给他们听, 一并用英语解释了, 20 个字里面, 只有 1 个春字. 其他19 个都不是春, 又都在说春给人的感受, 感觉.

四个大洲的四个女孩短聚但尼丁, 面临离别而共聚墨西哥餐厅, 桌上摆着一根蜡烛, 背 “何当共剪西窗烛, 却话巴山夜雨时”, 当真应景, 古人用蜡烛照明, 古人从不明说, 天色很晚了, 却说, 剪掉燃过的烛芯. 古人也不说现在外面下着雨, 我们还在聊, 而是说, 等当下次再一起聊到这么晚, 可以回忆一下今晚的雨.’ 且说, 再相聚, 我们也会聊聊墨西哥餐厅将剪的烛芯吧.

一人在外, 一人在内, 一人在何处, 一人在无处, 一人无处不在. 在哪都好啦, 会做饭的人总不会挨饿, 不会难以下咽.