Two Days Out of Dunedin 南下两小时的两天

After driving 90 minutes towards South, we arrived Catlin. This place is famous for its beaches, light house and the forest.

New Zealand’s view is magnificent. land, mountain and sea are huge. I’m not quite good at describing its beauty, but thanks for the meme of Chinese poems in my memory, everytime I saw a part of nature, there must be more than one poem float to my mind.

When I see a waterfall in the deep forest, the poem is “百川东到海, 何时复西归.”, In China, West is higher than east, so most rivers flow from west to east, Poet notices that, but not just described it. He also adds a task. Have you ever saw the flowing water go back to west? He uses this question to encourage people work hard and not to retreat.Or “飞流直下三千尺, 疑似银河落九天.”

When I feel the strong wind in stormy beach, the poem is ‘大风起兮云飞扬’. The grass was washing by rain, remind me ‘青青浅草绿’. I like speaking out poems to friends beside me, and translate it to them.

The best way of traveling in New Zealand is driving in deep of it. Hope you enjoy it also.