Got a car in Dunedin 没车没腿

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No car no leg

In NZ, you really need a car, place to place are far away by each other. at No.0 week, We walked 2 hours to the closest bank in Auckland. And need to wait half an hour to take bus to the center, which cost me $7 each time.

No.1 week, the hostel manager I worked with has been in NZ for 3 months, still doesn’t have a car and doesn’t know how to drive. Supermarket is the only place she know how to get.

No.2 week is car week for me. I Tried three times to buy a car. When I moved to Chalet Backpackers Hostel, there is a German girl put her things out to stairs and told me if there anything I need, I can take them off. I asked her wether she was selling her car, she said yes. Then we have coffee to talk about this car. By some reasons, we cannot make deal with it.

The second try is a red golf car, I really like the color, I walked for 40 minutes, from a valley to another valley to watch it, and I pay for it, unlikely, it’s from German, in New Zealand, it’s more expensive to fix it. What’s more, Motor company can’t promise it will be ok the whole year, so we canceled the deal.

The third try is the car I bought, save petrol, easy to fixed up. The ex-owner is a nice lady, drive me to posts, check engine, and other things.

So I have a car.

Details for you

If you want have more choices, you can go to Christchurch or Auckland.
Let ex-owner do WOF, and you pay for engine check.
Buy insurance is easy, you can buy it on line, the shop is not work at weekend.


正如标题所言, 没车在这边不方便, 随随便便就要走几公里, 公交车半个小时一班.
关于买车, 我做了三次尝试, 之后买车成功, 第一次尝试知道了低价, 第二次尝试知道了后续麻烦的地方. 现在的这辆车省油省修理费, 价格也不错. 作为第一辆车, 还是不错的. 当然买一辆红色的车的梦想我还没放弃, 下一辆会是红色.


基督城和奥克兰的二手车更多, 选择也更多. 这个要看运气. 我在达尼丁也买到了.
汽车主要是引擎, 记得买之前做个引擎检查.
找好陪练, AA 驾校是有的.

P.S. 语音里面的内容比文字丰富很多.