Starting Friendship in Dunedin 友谊晚餐

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Last blog I mentioned my English is not good enough to make friends. Today I got friends, so let’s go to take a record.

Cook is a good way

Cook is a good way to get friends. In backpackers hostel, people shared a big kitchen, you can watch what they cook, learn a lot of it. Chatting while cooking and eating makes you relax, easy to talk.

I cooked for five new friends since they have cooked for me. NZ has really nice birds, one of them is small with long and beautiful tails. This a detail we have talked about.


If others cook for you, you can afford wine or drinks, or desert. You can help cooking or wash dishes after dinner.



跟旅馆的每个人打过招呼, 互相大致了解之后, 似乎没有什么话说了. 这时要怎么办呢? 做好吃的, 一起分享. 约好一起做饭, 做饭吃饭时的谈话很放松, 慢慢的聊写生活日常, 找到了共同点.


如果对方做饭, 你可以打下手或洗碗. 对方提供食材的话, 如果你准备些酒等饮料, 或者饭后甜点之类的, 是很礼貌的行为. 当然, 在饭后有酒的话, 可以继续聊的更久更深入.