AmazingStore 神奇便利店

Every bus stop has a store nearby. It not just sales convenient food and soft drinks, it afford more services than you think.

In NZ, every city has an area named city center, it’s often has a main street passing a roundabout, and some buildings and street around them.

Around the city center, there are serval residential area. It’s quite biger than city center. If you want to go there from center, you need to drive on highway.

What you can get in store

When you want buy some little things, you may not want to drive to supermarket, then you can go to store in roadside.

  • Cigarette and Tobacco,
    Cigarette in NZ is very expensive, a pack of cigarettes is 20-30 NZ dollar, five times more than in China. So there also afford tobacco and holder, you can do a cigarette by yourself.

  • Fast food and drinks
    They usually afford not microwave bento or oden.
    Some store afford sandwich pie and coffee.
    Dairy is kind of store, it afford milk, ice cream and pie. It’s daily food. Pie is full of fat, I suggest you should taste one to know what NZ people usually eat, and then far from it.

  • Candys
    Kinds of candys, even adults would buy a little pack of candy. I really worried about their health.


  • Get cash
    You can get cash while buying things in store, just tell the staff. and swipe your card.
    It’s normally not more than $50, and need buy sth else, like a small candy.

  • Charge fees for phone
    you can do it on App, or go to store to ask stuff to help you. It’s often has limition, like at least $20.

  • Charge Electricity fees
    Same as above.


在新西兰, 巴士车站旁边有的便利店不仅仅提供食物和饮料, 还会提供你想不到的服务呢.

在这之前, 要先说下为什么要专门写下这种便利店. 在新西兰, 每个城市的市中心都不大, 是一个专门的区域, 一般是一条主街穿过一个大的交通环岛, 周围围绕一些基础建设类的门店, 例如银行/保险/政府部门/大学, 再外围是住宅区. 这就是市区了. 市区之外是更大片的住宅区. 通常要上高速公路才能到达另一个住宅区.

在这些不是市中心的住宅区里, 巴士站旁的便利店确实提供着方便. 你不想总跑银行, 或者总开车到大型超市买零碎物品.

那么, 这些便利店提供什么呢?


  • 香烟和烟草
    新西兰注重健康, 不鼓励吸烟, 烟卖的特别贵, 一包烟人民币100到150元左右. 所以也提供包装的烟草和烟嘴烟纸卖, 可以自己卷烟来抽.

  • 速食和饮料
    不同的便利店主打的食品种类不大一样. 有些便利店里卖的是咖啡和三明治, 这一般在市区比较常见. 而住宅区巴士站附近的店里会卖派和奶类制品. 手打冰淇淋/奶泡和牛奶. 再大一点的店提供炸鱼薯条等等. 纽村人民爱吃牛肉派, 个人建议, 你尝一次体验一下就好了, 为了健康, 之后还是远离它们吧.

  • 糖果
    小小袋装的糖果, 不仅仅是小孩子卖, 大人也会没事买一小袋当零嘴吃, 真的很担心他们的健康. 感觉就是国内的零食店和便利店的结合体.


  • 取现
    没错, 不需要每次都找 ATM, 小额现金可以在刷卡买东西时同时取出. 跟便利店工仔说就可以了, 会直接从你的卡里扣除, 并给现金你, 一般不超过50刀.

  • 充话费
    几个运营商的都可以, 一般有最小额限制.

  • 充电费