Weekend 周末小憩

Today I have a Dunedin day. I went to traditional market after programing, there are many local food there, fresh and unique. Musicians play music of Scotland style, smiles on every face.

After that I went to a friend house to have tea, he has a two years old daughter with beautiful blue eyes.

Then i went to beach, flied my drone, make videos there. There are families, included couples, little kids and dogs. they ran, laugh and enjoy the nice weather.

During sleeping, I heard Katterin came and say Andrew would cook smoked fish. I tried to wake up and join in food night. He cooked smoked fish, like salmon another fishes that I don’t know it’s name. Add butter, cheese, cookie and baked toast. We shared a bottle of white wine and lemon pie.

It’s a causal day.

结束换宿, 小假不长. 传统市集, 美味飘香.
闲暇午后, 友室略谈. 稚女水眸, 见之不忘.
天高气爽, 风轻云朗. 悠远滩浪, 孩童奔忙.
旅客熏鱼, 聚友共尝. 清酒乳酪, 是夜未央.