Work Responsibility 负责地工作

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Today I want talk work responsibility with you.

You know I have a part time job in dairy store, yesterday I made a mistake, I saw a guy sent several boxes of candy, and just put there, no asking my boss and coworkers how to deal with them. After work the boss said why didn’t put them to repository, and if you didn’t know how to do, why didn’t you ask? I just can say sorry, and said I would never do it again. The boss said, there is no ‘again’, if this happens again, I will get somebody instead of you. When I heard this, I felt very uncomfortable, I felt the boss’s anger, but what made me sad, it’s the disappointment of myself. I want to do everything perfect, I want everybody happy.

I know it’s my fault, I haven’t think too much of that job, just think that’s a part time job. If I don’t do sth, there will someone else do it. I think I’m nice to clients is enough, but it’s not. Although it’s a small store, there are a lot things need to notice and do.

This morning I suddenly wake up at 4am, there is a sound in my brain: I should write all details down to remind myself. It’s good for boss to manage, he needn’t to teach every new staff everything after having that, he can just give the note to them, then he will not be so nervous about so little things.

I should ask if I don’t know, because they have no idea what I don’t know. There are so many details, they don’t collect them in the past.

In the noon boxing, there is another sound in my brain: I should appreciate my boss for giving me an chance instead of changing me straightly. If you are in boxing game, you don’t have another chance to do better, they already beat you and win the game.

So I write a Store Stuff Code, I use Shimodoc App on line, it’s easy to share by Wechat App, easy to write and read. And sent to my boss, told him I really appreciated he gives my the chance, and I find a way to do things better, not just for me, also for the shore’s efficiency. It seems we are good.

Maybe it’s a very small thing in you thinking, even this is written by a person what already has 8 years court working experience, me. But I have to say, this little thing I use a long time to notice, I just complain job in court is full of repeat, it’s boring, blabla, and quit it.

I realize that you may not get a job that are all creative, there must be some boring contents. what you can do is not complain, but use you brain to manage it, get principles in it, and make it more efficiency and better, when you are already well down, then you have choice, weather quit or keep doing. It’s not like you have to quit.

Here is a piece of what I write down. Maybe you have to do boring job, it may give you a idea to change it. Also, I take ShimoDoc to New Zealand.

不是所有工作都是创造和不重复的, 面对重复枯燥的工作, 你可以做什么呢?

将学到的东西全部记录下来, 并且有条理的整理出来, 再给你的老板和同事看看, 共同增补成工作手册. 这样, 大家明确的工作事项, 照做就好, 减少误解和丢三落四, 更不用老板事无巨细的监督. 节省大家的心力.

当然, 这件事既然是你做的, 就要由你负责到底, 整理的尽可能完善.

基本工作做完后, 总有进阶任务可以做, 比如, 从你整理的思路来看, 总有可以完善的地方, 怎么完善呢?

我在便利店里兼职, 这个之前不想提起, 对国内的小伙伴来说, 前法官和便利店兼职之间的落差大到不能理解, 但是解释起来却很简单. 新西兰的法律与国内的法律没什么相关, 在没有相关工作经验的情况下, 很难找到文书工作. 另外新西兰的国情如此, 农场/工厂/便利店/小商店更需要人, 也能更多的提供直观的服务. 这些工作的薪水有时比文书工作更高. 这份兼职已足够我在这里吃喝玩乐, 让我更长久的在这里住下去. 还不耽误我有持续的心流时间, 做别的事情.

但是, 在便利店工作, 也不意味着就是简单和枯燥的. 刚开始的兴奋,以及热情地对待客人, 是我轻易可以做到的. 这里还有很多细节, 还需要进一步整理. 虽然都是看一遍就会, 但是如果不固定下来难免丢三落四. 客人不时进出, 拿电脑做自己的事情很容易会被打断, 对培养心流时间有弊无利. 不如专心做好兼职, 同时想想, 有什么可以让这个店更好. 做事务必专注.

在当地人开的青旅换宿让我学到不少, 其中之一是, 有明文规定工作内容, 工作时长,工资以及其他细节. 这对流动性大的工作来说, 会节省管理者不少时间. 把这点引过来, 也是很不错的. 石墨文档与微信那么好的结合, 对于国内的小便利店/青旅等等, 应该都是很好的微型办公系统. 印象笔记还是庞大了. 不知道新西兰这边是用什么系统在提高效率和减少管理成本呢?